Tuesday 30th of January 2018 01:03:34 PM

Baiyu was awarded “Enterprises with the Most Investment Value in Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry 2017” by China National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center on the National Industrial Information Annual Meeting on 2nd of September. This is Baiyu’s third time of awarding sin

    Tuesday 30th of January 2018 01:04:12 PM

Ginkgolide injection have successfully entered National Essential Medicine List. The entrance enables Ginkgolide injection benefit more patients in China. It is a milestone for Baiyu, we would like to deliver our many thanks to our partners, our customers and we will continue to r

    Tuesday 30th of January 2018 01:06:28 PM

On March 12, 2017, Baiyu’s key product Ginkgolide injection was awarded “Innovative Drugs with Most Clinical Value(Herbal Medicinal Products)” in the Second Selection Activity of Most Innovative Brand in Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry. Ginkgolide injection is the only herbal products

    Friday 9th of February 2018 09:30:27 AM

Baiyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the aid counterparts of Seda county, Sichuan. On August, Chunlei Zhou, as a representative of Baiyu bring medicinal products worthy of ¥100,000 to Seda people in the helping activity organized by Wenjiang district government. The counterpart assistance dem

    Tuesday 30th of January 2018 01:02:49 PM

A construction project of Baiyu’s new research and manufacturing base has been launched on 21st of October, 2017. Sun Yi, president of Baiyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. gave a speech on the ground breaking ceremony. The constructed new base has a land area of 103333 ㎡ and strictl

    Friday 9th of February 2018 09:29:17 AM

On May 20th, Baiyu donated ¥1,7500 to The First Children welfare home of Wenjiang as a gift for this year’s Children’s Day. The donation is composed of fundraising amongst Baiyu employees reaching to ¥10,000 and the company giving of ¥7,500. In the speed gave by Mr. Zhou, the repres

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